Get ready for more than 100 awesome science experiments that are too cool for school. Chock-full of nonstop madness and jam-packed with easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions and photos, this is the one book no Mad Scientist should be without. Click on the 7 sample experiments below!

Alka-Seltzer Rocket
Anti-Gravity Bucket
Anti-Gravity Machine
Balloon Car
Balloon Rocket
Battery Madness
Beach Ball Elevator
Blacklight Ink
Bottle Rocket
Brainy Ball
Butter Machine
Confetti Blaster
Copper Nail
Cosmic Ray Detector
Dancing Ping-Pong Ball
Disappearing Chalk
Disappearing Ink
Disappearing Peanuts
Dixie Cup Bridge
Edible Glass
Egg in a Bottle
Electric Lemon
Electric Waterfall
Exploding Coca-Cola
Exploding Rubber Egg

Fake Blood
Falling Egg
Flaming Creamer
Floating Bubbles
Floating Egg
Floating Paper Clip
Flying Ping-Pong Ball
Flying Potato
Flying Rice Krispies
Foam Factory
Fried Marbles
Green Pennies
Green Slime
Homemade Chalk
Homemade UFO
Hose Phone
Human Light Bulb
Hydrogen Balloon
Ice Cream Machine
Ice Cube Saw
Inflating Glove
Invisible Inks
Killer Straw
Lava Lamps

Magic Candle
Magic Crystal Garden
Magnetic Balloon
Magnetic Ping-Pong Ball
Marble Run
Marbled Paper
Mayonnaise Madness
Milk Paint
Monster Bubbles
Musical Wineglasses
Mystery Bottle
Paper Cup Boiler
Paper Helicopter
Plastic Milk
Play Dough
Plunger Power
Potato Popper
Potato Radio
Psychedelic Milk
Racing Cans
Rainbow Machine
Recycled Paper
Rising Golf Ball
Rock Candy

Rubber Band Ball
Rubber Chicken Bone
Seesawing Candle
Self-Inflating Ball
Silver Egg
Slinky Race
Smoke Bomb
Smoking Fingertips
Sonic Blaster
Sparkling Life Savers
Spinning CD
Steel Wool Sparkler
Swinging Cups
Switching Switches
Tornado Machine
Twirling Lines
Underwater Blue Beam
Underwater Candle
Underwater Fireworks
Upside-Down Water
Volcano Madness
Wax Snowflakes
X-ray Glasses
Yogurt Factory

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WARNING: A responsible adult should supervise any young reader who conducts these experiments to avoid potential dangers and injuries. The author has conducted every experiment and has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the experiments are safe when conducted as instructed; however, the author does not assume any liability for damage caused or injury sustained from conducting these projects.

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